Hello, I'm Mark!

I am the Founder and Principal Consultant here at CHALK Advisory.

For over 25 years (well over now) I have been working in business and projects... and I think I have seen it all. 

I started out with a business degree.  As I advanced through various finance roles I became a CPA.  I then moved into broader operational roles, managed business and IT projects before becoming a consultant, advisor and business owner.

In recent years I have managed a major projects focused on Regulatory Compliance and Business Transformation.

I have also taken lead roles in Project Risk Management, an area I believe is a critical success factor for all projects.

I've worked in some very demanding and challenging environments, learned a lot, and always strived for  the best outcomes possible.

You can see a sample of my work history below if you are curious.

I am very concerned about high project failure rates and cost overruns, because there is so much that can be done to avoid these outcomes and improve project returns.

Hence, I started CHALK Advisory so I can help drive project success.

I want to share my experience and my methods  with you!

I have invested a lot of time in developing the frameworks, methods and tools that are practical and  work well.

Where possible, I connect with all CHALK clients personally because I believe in fostering positive, long-term relationships is important.

I would love the opportunity to meet you and talk about your project(s) and your business.

I invite you to book a free discovery session (at the bottom of the page) or simply drop us a line via the Contact Page.

And, consider subscribing using the button below - I wont spam you I promise!

Look forward to talking soon.



Some of my experience...

Gained from different roles, organisations, industries and geographies.

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