We will help you drive effective project risk and performance management to maximise your project  returns.


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Welcome to Chalk Advisory.

Our mission: Help businesses deliver projects successfully.

Why?  Because this is a pre-requisite for effecting the business step changes necessary for achieving strategic goals and driving sustainable growth and profitability.

In order to do this it is essential to drive individual project performance and create the most effective project delivery environment.

We will help you do this by working with you in two  critical areas:

  • Project Risk and Performance (RAP)
  • Project Delivery Environment

We offer services and programs that are focused, flexible and efficient with outcomes that are insightful, practical and actionable.

Our approach is innovative and low impact, yet we deliver high value outcomes in ways that are disrupting the traditional consulting model!


We get you results!

Experience Counts

Chalk is founded and built on extensive real-world projects experience.

We have a long history in business transformation, regulatory compliance and multi-disciplinary programs and projects with specialisation in risk, performance and PMO.

Clear Focus

To achieve sustainable growth and profitability for any business, projects must be delivered successfully.

We focus on minimising risk and maximising performnace in order to achieve the project outcomes you need.

Innovative Approach

Projects move at speed so timing is important.

We have developed some unique frameworks and methods designed to get valuable results... quickly.


Project Risk and Performance (RAP)

RAP products and programs are focused on individual projects or programs.

Project failure rates and cost overruns are still very high because organisations continue to ignore project risk management as a key factor in project performance.

Our Risk And Performance Products (RAPs) and Project Success Framework (PSF)  provide a pragmatic and effective basis for maximising project performance regardless of specific methodologies in use.

Lighthouse programs enable you to combine RAPs and other services within a defined program giving you focus, control and flexibility.

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Project Delivery and Environment (PDE)

PDE is focused on creating the best delivery environment and enabling project delivery!

We work with clients on:

  • EPMO/PMO Value Management
  • Project Governance Effectiveness
  • Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Program/Project Management
  • Transformation Program/Project Management
  • Specialist project resourcing

Additional offerings include project coaching programs, training and workshop facilitation.

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