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Products are specific services that we have packaged in a way that we can deploy them with a short lead time and complete them quickly so you get the results fast.

Ultimately this is very cost effective for you without losing value and impact.

Some you can purchase directly from this site, whereas other require more personal interaction in order to provide the right delivery and outcomes for you and your business.

And of course we still provide full consulting services to many of our clients.

Regardless of which way you prefer to work with us, we are committed to helping you and your project teams deliver projects efficiently and effectively.

Consider the odds... Project failure rates are still north of 80% and the average cost overrun for projects is around 40%

We will help you defy the odds!


Project Risk and Performance (RAP)

A unique set of Project Services designed to de-risk your project and maximise performance, helping you stay on track and acheive your target returns.

Project Delivery and Environment (PDE)

A suite of advisory and consulting services designed to help you create the best project delivery environment and drive project success every time.

PDE includes:

  • Project advisory and consulting.
  • Specialised  Program/Project Management Services
  • Project workshops
  • Project Coaching and training
  • Project Resources


Business Products and Services

Broader business advisory and consulting services based on our Strategic Targets and Results (STAR) framework.

We will help you develop and execute a strategic project portfolio aligned with your business vision and goals.

Communities and Memberships

Consider subscribing to join our CHALK Community for free and get regular updates, events and special offers.

Our Paid Membership Community will combine platforms like STAR and RAP into an active community coaching programs packed with additional content, training and events.  This is still in the design phase and we aim to launch later in 2023. 

If you are interested in joining, drop a note via the contact page and we will keep you posted.  And, stay tuned for updates via our socials.

Products that give you the ultimate flexibility.

Under the traditional consulting model, delivery of performance and assurance style services is both time consuming and expensive.

Our approach is to focus on efficiency and value so as to enable greater coverage.

We have designed and built a number of service products to give you flexibility and control, because you can select and pay for what you need.

For key projects, programs and portfolios, you can harness the real power of our approach by combining multiple products within a Lighthouse Program

Lighthouse Programs offer a structured and proactive program with relevant touchpoints throughout the project lifecycle which is  significantly more effective than a single touch poinht like a "health check".

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Project Risk and Performance (RAP) 

 Our RAP Framework has some simple objectives:

  • minimise project risk
  • enhance project performance
  • optimise project outcomes
  • maximise project returns.

Our 3 Bars Project Assurance methodology incorporates three essential layers that enable the execution of successful projects.

These layers represent the inherent risk profile of projects.

We have built assessment tools for each layer so as to understand and evaluate the inherent risk within each layer, and provide you with the insights to take proactive action. 

The higher the inherent risk (reflected in the inherent risk score), the more likely the project will fail to meet its goals and returns.

All data and information is analysed by an experienced project professional.  Key outputs for each tool include scoring, data analysis, dashboard and reports with key insights and  recommendations.

Scoring serves as a reference so you can see improvement over time and/or compare to other projects in your portfolio.

All the tools can be utilised separately and independently.  However, we recommend building a 3 Bars Program for important projects.

We use a full risk workshop to look at specific risk profiles.  This is the risk profile associated with the project solution design (not just IT aspects).

And, let's not forget about delivered risk.  While this may not be a direct project responsibility, it can have a significant impact on project performance.

Project Foundations Review

Getting project foundations right is critical for initiating a successful project journey.

In this review we will examine foundations, assumptions, structures and the business case in order to test the strength of each of these.

Recommended that this review be undertaken prior to project kick-off.

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Project Operations Assessment

This assessment is focused on how a project is operating.

We examine operational processes, tools and rhythms from a compliance and effectiveness point of view.

Recommended that this assessment be conducted mid-quarterly across the life of the project.

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Project Pulse Check

The project pulse check takes a look under the covers across your project team and key stakeholders.

The old saying goes "where there is smoke there is fire".  The more time PMs spend on putting out fires, the less time gets spent of proactive activities.

The focus here is on perceptions, mood and energy.  It seeks to identify and reconcile differences between project leadership and key stakeholder groups to ensure positive and cohesive project execution.

Recommended that this check be conducted late-quarterly across the life of the project. 

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Quick Risk Assessment (QRA)

Where there is smoke, there is fire!

Our Quick Risk Assessment (QRA) for projects is a superfast assessment that focuses on inherent risk.

It utilises a number of key touchpoints across the 3 Bars Project Assurance Methodology.

A QRA is undertaken for a single project only.

It provides high level inherent risk indicators that can then be further investigated and mitigated as appropriate.

There are 3 versions of the QRA:

  • QRA1: Trial Version (FREE) - Single participant, base survey, immediate QRA score only.
  • QRA2: Demo Version - Multiple participants, base survey, QRA Score and Summary QRA Report with debrief.
  • QRA3: Full Version - Multiple participants, full survey, QRA Score,  Full QRA Report with debrief.

All variants utilise a confidential QRA survey. 

For QRA2 and QRA3, responses are analysed and reported by an experienced project professional.

The QRA is a great way to experience the efficiency and effectiveness of our core RAP products.

This product will be available mid-May 2023.  Want a preview?  Drop us a message and you can access the Trial Version now.

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Project Risk Workshop

The greatest risk is not understanding the risk.

Effective risk identification and mitigation is a critical success factor for all projects.

We will design and facilitate a Project Risk Workshop to fit the needs of your project.

Your project risk workshop will cover one or more of the following risk classes:

  • Inherent Risk
  • Specific Risk
  • Delivered Risk
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Project Lab

It's common for projects to go off the rails and/or for key stakeholders to lose confidence in project delivery. 

So, let's turn that around.

Full project recovery or simply adjusting course to get back on track requires timely intervention and decisive actions.

Project Lab is a facilitated workshop focused on root causes, solutions and actions.

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Post Project Review

Hindsight is a great teacher.

Unlike the reviews of old, our PPR product is slick, quick and on-point.

We gather the important insights in a user-friendly form that is essential reading for all new projects in your organisation.

The standard version is very comprehensive whereas the custom version allows you to add additional custom questions that may be useful for a particular project.

For portfolios we offer a basic version that can be deployed for every project as part of a standard project closure process.

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Project  Delivery and Environment (PDE)

We will help you create the best project delivery environment and drive project success every time.

Our PDE services span:

  • Project Advisory and Consulting Services
  • EPMO/PMO Value Management
  • Project Governance Effectiveness
  • Regulatory Compliance Program/Project Management
  • Transformation Program/Project Management
  • Project Workshop Facilitation
  • Project Coaching and Training
  • Specialist project people (resourcing)

For workshops, choose from our standard workshops or get in touch and we can design a bespoke workshop to meet your specific needs.

Examples of bespoke workshops include:

  • Ideation
  • High level solution design
  • Project Kick Off
  • Project Planning
  • Project RAID development
  • Project Inception

Online Project Coaching

Project coaching provides practical, objective and experience based input across all facets of project management… wherever and whenever it is needed.

Our online project coaching products give you the ultimate flexibility, no matter where you are.

Take advantage of our special launch offers for a limited time.

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Get the best people for your project

We can provide key project professionals for your projects and/or PMO on a short-term or long-term basis.

Our recruitment service will find you the best permanent or fixed term placements.

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