LIGHTHOUSE Programs give you and your organisation real power to enable success in key projects or across your portfolio in a highly cost effective and timely manner.

These programs are built specifically for you and have the ability to flex and scale in response to your changing needs.

LIGHTHOUSE Programs combine any combination of our core products (coaching, project services and training) with advisory services, enterprise reporting and additional resources.

As an alternative to taking on additional resources, Lighthouse Programs can help you drive the best results without significant costs.

Check out our client case study to see an example of how it works.

How Lighthouse Programs Work


As you have seen already, Chalk Advisory is changing the way consulting services are delivered, giving you real choices across the consulting services delivery spectrum.

Lighthouse Programs are a hybrid solution that enables you to really harness the power of our flexible and scalable delivery model to maximise value, efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your projects and/or portfolio.

Lighthouse Programs are built specifically for you and have the ability to flex and scale in response to your changing needs.

In essence, you get to choose:

  • the products and features that you want in your program.
  • where and when you want to deploy products.
  • the overall timeframes and management framework.


LIGHTHOUSE Programs can combine any combination and volume of our core products with advisory services, enterprise reporting and additional resources.

Typically Lighthouse Programs draw from our 5 key types of project products and services:

  • Project Coaching
  • Project Performance
  • Project Advisory
  • Project Training
  • Project Resources

We draw from these to create a Lighthouse Program specifically geared to your needs and circumstances.

In designing your Lighthouse Program we consider your unique requirements including:

  • Scale - single project, multiple projects, program or cross-portfolio.
  • Lifecycle stage(s)
  • Methodology
  • Timeframes
  • Product deployment frequency
  • Budget
  • Additional management services.

Let’s explore what this can look like in the examples below and the case study.

Lighthouse Program Applications


Single Project


For larger and/or strategic projects we typically design programs that are highly aligned and focused on the unique requirements.

Usually this involves a 3 Bars Framework supplemented with additional products and services aligned with the project and it's people.

Programs (Multi-project)

Similar to single projects, but we try to extract more efficiencies and greater access across a number of projects.

Lighthouse can be configured for each specific project or we can run a pooled arrangement where a selection of services are made available with some of them mandated and others available on an optional basis.

For example, a 3 Bars Program may be mandated for each project, whereas coaching and training may be accessible in a group forum.



In a portfolio scenario we typically aim for consistency and broader coverage.

In other words we standardise the approach for either the entire portfolio or specific classes within the portfolio.

Touchpoints are built into each project's lifecycle so they are predictable.

Rapid deployment and low-impact execution means we can generate momentum.

Portfolio reporting provides  real-time insights for comparison and drives timely action and decision making.

If coaching or training services are included, it's set up to enable controlled access or delivered in group forums instead of individual forums.


Lighthouse Program Case Study


The Client

Our client is a global organistion about to launch a key project designed to deliver operational efficiencies across all of its offices. 

It was expected to take 12 months to complete.  However, the leadership team recognised that there are big risks for the project and there were major concerns that the project would take longer and cost much more than has been estimated. 

Part of these concerns came from the fact that the assigned project manager was relatively inexperienced and has not undertaken a project of this size or complexity. 

In addition, the core project management team was predominantly made up of people seconded from elsewhere in the business, all with varying degrees of project experience.

The management team considered hiring an experienced senior PM to supplement the team.  But, there were additional concerns that the cost of such a resource would reduce the funds available for other important project activities and the likelihood that the project team would miss some of the professional development opportunities afforded by such a big project.

The Solution

Through the Discovery process the opportunities and challenges around the project were surfaced and discussed in terms of what the desirable outcomes were.

A Lighthouse Program was designed for the client that included a mix of core products with provision for ad hoc advisory service utilisation (as required).

Ultimately the solution addressed all of the leadership concerns and delivered significant savings when compared to alternative strategies.

The Benefits

This specific solution represented a 60% saving over the cost of employing additional project resources.

It also afforded the opportunity for the Sponsor, PM and Project Team to develop skills and experience that could be used in subsequent projects.

Other key benefits included:

  • Investment in people and capability
  • Ability to adjust product/service composition in response to changing needs and circumstances.
  • Flexible deployment of products/services.
  • Cost effective – use only what is needed.
  • Cost control and certainty through fixed, transparent pricing – no surprises.
  • Frees up key resources to focus on insights and quality by outsourcing time intensive activities like reviews and assessments.
  • Objective inputs and insights.

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