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Project success is critical for sustainable business growth and profitability.

Yet, from a global perspective we are seeing continuing high rates of project failure with many industry surveys quoting rates as high as 85%. 

When projects go "off track" they immediately start to erode the expected benefits.

And, project failures literally cost organisations significantly, both in terms of the project cost and the ongoing effect on the organisation from strategic, financial, operational, customer and market perspectives.

It’s easy for projects to end up “off-course” as project managers and teams  navigate project and organisational complexities.  Hence, it’s a fine line between success and failure.

Project Management is a complex field of work with a steep learning curve.  It takes many years to develop broad skills and expertise because generally speaking each project is unique with its own profile, people and challenges.  This is particularly so for strategic, major and multi-location projects, these projects often having a profound impact on organisation performance.

Project coaching provides practical, objective and experience based input across all facets of project management… wherever and whenever it is needed.

For project managers it provides valuable professional and personal support that helps them navigate project complexities, develop practical tactics and strategies, solve problems, manage their teams and stakeholders and keep their project(s) on-track whilst developing confidence, capabilities and achieving professional and personal goals.

Coaching is not training, but it does result in higher individual and organisation capabilities and enables higher performance and better project outcomes.

Why you should utilise a Project Coach / Mentor

Using a project coach is a focused and cost-effective way to deploy project expertise and experience where and when it can add the most value and enable project success.

Project Coaching can significantly improve project outcomes.

It’s often the case that project managers feel isolated with nobody to seek advice from or to help them work through rough patches, solve problems or boost their confidence and motivation.

Project coaches can fill this void in a safe and objective manner, providing a much-needed channel for the exchange of ideas, solutions and advice.

Project coaching is also a great way to boost capabilities and confidence for new or less experienced project managers.

Benefits for Individuals

  • Outcomes: It’s about you and what you want to achieve for your project, professionally and personally.
  • Build power skills.
  • Improved prioritisation and focus.
  • Improved time management and personal balance.
  • Better mental health through open discussion in a safe and objective forum.
  • Regular exchange of ideas, perspectives, solutions and advice to provide clarity, boost confidence and motivation.
  • Improved decision making.
  • Learn from people who have been where you are. They give you access to extensive, real world project management experience and insights.
  • Flexibility to meet your needs.
  • Access to a deep pool of knowledge, methods, tools, templates and frameworks used within the coaching process.
  • Professional development.
  • Career planning and development.

Benefits for Organisations

  • Improve project outcomes and realise the benefits of improved project delivery.
  • Reduction in potential project costs.
  • Better project success rates and baseline metrics.
  • Improved risk management.
  • Encourages different thinking and innovation.
  • Coaching is very cost effective compared to employing additional staff or contractors.
  • Bundles and programs are very efficient because you are only paying for what you need.
  • Flexibility to direct coaching effort o particular people or teams as and when required to maximise impact and value.
  • Investment in your people to build base capability and professional development that promotes staff satisfaction and retention.
  • Get certainty on cost with fixed pricing that is fully inclusive of set up, coaching sessions, pre/post session coaching time, coaching check ins, coaching email support, administration and financial fees.

How project coaching works

Our aim is to make it simple for you and your organisation to access project coaching.

The basic approach is that we provide project coaching sessions over a period of time, at the frequency required to best support you, your project manager(s) or your project team(s).

Coaching session focus and content is typically driven by the coachee and their specific needs, managed in real time with their coach.

Coaching sessions are typically delivered online at a time booked by the coachee.

Confidential session notes and other resources are accessible online through the coachee's individual account page. 

In addition, bundles and programs include a range of other support mechanisms that can be accessed between formal coaching sessions.


Key features of our coaching programs

We are committed to delivering a high value and quality coaching experience for individuals and organisations alike.

Here are some key features you will find in all of all our project coaching bundles and programs:

  • Deep experience - Highly experienced coaches drawing from extensive real world experience.
  • Outcomes focus - Active process to maintain focus on coachee goals and outcomes.
  • Scalable – modular approach to fit your organisation needs and allows for rapid deployment for additional coachees.
  • Flexible – coachees control the session frequency and times.
  • Global access – Coachees generally have their own user account on our coaching platform which can be accessed from anywhere to manage sessions, see session notes and access resources.
  • Online delivery - Coaching is delivered online via Zoom.
  • Additional coachee support – includes coaching check ins and email support.
  • All inclusive cost - fixed cost includes all set up, administration and support.
  • Discounts - Enterprise discounts based on volume and other factors.
  • Resource rich – underpinned by proven frameworks, methods and resources.
  • Methodology agnostic – coaching is not methodology specific.
  • Optional structured programs – We can build structured coaching programs for specific purposes.
  • Enterprise reporting – Basic utilisation and schedule information. Additional insights and reporting based on additional products.

How to buy our online project coaching products

Online Project Coaching is usually purchased in a Bundle (Enterprise or Individual) or Program (Enterprise only) which combines one or more core coaching products including.

  • Project Coaching Sessions
  • Project Coaching Check Ins
  • Project Coaching Email support

All Bundles and Programs are fixed price and inclusive of set up, nominated core products, offline coaching time, resources, administration and support.

Enterprise Project Coaching

Enterprise Project Coaching is for organisations who want to improve project outcomes and maximise project benefits for one or more projects, or across their project portfolio.

It's also a professional development opportunity for your staff that helps them grow and progress.

We offer flexible Enterprise Bundles and Programs which combine one or more core products structured to meet your organisations needs and goals as well as those of the individual coachee(s) and their projects.

Typically we will discuss your specific requirements with you and provide a program specification and quote, before we build the coaching program for you.

Enterprise Project Coaching includes Enterprise Usage Reporting.

All Enterprise Bundles and Programs are subject to an overarching Enterprise Coaching Agreement.

Individual Bundle

For a nominated project manager (Enterprise) or individual project professional (Private). 

Provides a fixed number of individual (Private) coaching sessions and other support products used over a set period of time.

Team Bundle

For a nominated project team, PMO or Governance Group. 

Provides a fixed number of team coaching sessions and other support products used over the duration of a specific project. 

This bundle is created and configured based on your requirements.

Enterprise Program or Bundle

Flexible usage across different individuals and teams.  

A monthly subscription with a fixed number of included sessions (and other core products)  that can be assigned to different coachees or projects as required over the month. 

Optional inclusion of  Project Pulse Check (for specific projects) with individual reports and a Progressive Portfolio Summary.

This program is created and configured based on your requirements.

Enterprise Community

For organisations with a larger project management cohort we can provide a bespoke community-based solution.

This includes your own project management community site with access to additional resources, live coaching events, monthly training and structured community chat.

Pricing is based on a  minimum number of community members.

Try our online project coaching 100% Risk Free!

To celebrate the launch of our new online project coaching products, you can purchase some specially created Online Project Coaching Starter Bundles with a BIG Discount and a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

There is a lot of work that goes into delivering a great coaching experience.  

Each bundle is packed with value so you get the best experience and really get to put our coaching to the test.  And all risk free!

See our online project coaching launch offers below. 

Available until 31 May, 2023.









Project Coaching Power Workshop (Starter)

$485AUD + GST


  • For 1 x Coachee / Team
  • 1 x Project Coaching Power Workshop
  • Post workshop goals and action plan
  • Workshop Recording and Session Notes
  • Pre/Post Coaching  Workshop Support
  • 1 Month email support
  • All set up, administration and program support
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Project Coaching 2 Month Program Starter Bundle

2 Payments of $550AUD + GST


  • For 1 x Coachee / Team
  • 2 month program
  • 1 x Planning/Review session
  • 4 x Project Coaching Sessions (Standard)
  • Pre/Post Coaching Session Support
  • 4 x Project Coaching Check Ins
  • 3 Months email support
  • All set up, administration and program support
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Project Coaching 2 Month Enterprise Program Starter Bundle

$4,475AUD + GST

YOU SAVE $2,000

  • Program goals planning session (With program sponsor).
  • 3 x Project Coaching 2 Month Program Starter - 3 Coachees / Teams
  • 3 x Planning/Review session
  • 12 x Project Coaching Sessions (Standard)
  • Pre/Post Coaching Session Support
  • 12 x Project Coaching Check Ins
  • 3 x 3 Months email support
  • 1 x LIGHTHOUSE Project Pulse Review (Rapid) for your nominated project (See below).
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • All set up, administration and program support
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Some fine print for the offers above...

  • Product Expiry - Use within 3 months of purchase.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee valid for 30 days after product expiry.
  • LIGHTHOUSE Project Pulse Review (Rapid) – An essential project manager tool for extracting valuable project insights that help keep projects on track. Includes Project Pulse Survey (Rapid), Participant Completion Reporting, Automated reminders for participants, Analysis, Insights and PPS Report.

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